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Lady from New Zealand wants your tattoo on her bottom

A Lower Hutt woman says she has no nerves about a stranger paying to pick what she gets tattooed on her bottom. The Trade Me auction "YOUR tattoo on my Bum!!", listed by Tina Beznec, says the winner can get anything tattooed on her posterior for posterity.

"You might think I am crazy for doing this! But yes, the winner of the auction gets ANYTHING they like tattooed on my bum!" The 9 x 9 centimetre spot on either cheek could be used for a marriage proposal, business promotion or just "awesomeness", she said.

Twenty per cent of the winning bid would go to a charity of the bidder's choice and Tina would keep the rest. "I deserve it, I have been made redundant twice over the past year," she said in the listing. The auction runs until Friday, January 20.

Tina, 23, said she had decided on the stunt because she was in debt, planning on travelling to Australia in March and it was for a good cause. A framed photo of the completed design would be sent to the winner, who could watch it being done if they lived nearby.

Currently I already have five tattoos in my body. If money is I can, I plan to travel to Australia to see Mom
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