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Emo Boys Hairstyles

Emo Boys and Their Style

Emo is a term that a lot of people have heard but they may not necessarily know what it means. Some are confused and wonder if it a music style or a fashion style. The fact is it is both. Beyond this, a subculture has formed and there are many emo boys. Here more information on them.

Emo was actually a style of music before it became a fashion style and it still is. It is a type of rock music where there is a lot of melody and expressive and confessional lyrics. It is called emo because it is highly emotional music. It has been around for a long time and became more popular in the 2000s.

When it became a fashion style and subculture, mostly teens flocked to it. Boys who follow the emo style fashion are known for wearing things such as skinny jeans in either very dark or very bright colors, tightly fitting short sleeved t-shirts with emo band names on them, pyramid studded belts, and black wrist bands. Black is very dominant.

As for shoes, they are known to wear sneakers and skater shoes. Thick black glasses are another item synonymous with boys who follow this style. The color black is the most popular for this style, even more so than the bright colors.

As for their hair, the typical hairstyle is to have side swept bangs that are long or hair with short choppy layering. These bangs often cover one or both of the eyes. Also, having straight black hair is typical. Colors that they highlight their hair with include bright shades of red, blue, blond, and pink.
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